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Optimus 2.0 Gallon Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier


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This model features an easy to fill removeable water tank. The transparent tank makes it super easy to see when it’s time to refill – which won’t be for up to 18 HOURS on a full tank!

* Whisper-quiet operation; won’t disturb sleep
* The 1.5 Gallon Tank Capacity allows up to 18 hours of operation
* Automatically shuts off when empty and displays a refill light
* Adjustable Mist Volume Control
* Built-in Ionizer with indicator light
* Easy to Fill Transparent Water Tank
* Removable tank with handle for easy filling
* Built-in timer for 2, 8, or 12 hours

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs

106 sold

Moisture Output

> 300ml/h

19 reviews for Optimus 2.0 Gallon Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

  1. Addison

    I tried 4 different humidifiers this fall as our house gets very dry. They all were extremely noisy and 1 was too much work and mess. So, I found this one online and we gave it a try. We love it and the humidity got up to 50% quite fast. It is very well built and there is absolutely no noise. The amount of mist can be adjusted. It is easy to clean, doesn’t take up much room, and shuts off automatically with a red light on when out of water. The best…. 

  2. Minnie Reep

    Love it! Very quiet! Only drawback is the bright light that shines in blue- have to wrap a towel around to fill the light for sleeping. Is there anyway to turn the light off? What us the purpose of the light? Thank you

  3. Alison Alison

    Best humidifier I’ve had so far! It actually holds 2 gallons like the description says. Lasts for about 3 days on low and it’s easy to clean. Great quality for the price!

  4. Jean Marie

    I like it very much. Because of my medical condition I need a cool mist vaporizer at night. This one cost a lot less than my last one, and it seems to work better. It puts out more mist and uses less water than my last one, and is quieter. Very nice. Yes, I would certainly recommend this vaporizer.

  5. Rex Marking

    This is the quietest ultra-sonic humidifier I have ever owned. Past humidifiers had an annoying drone. This one is truly whisper quiet. It throws slightly less moisture than others I have owned. I would never buy a different model again. It has a soft blue light which is a nice night light in a bedroom. It might disturb some,but not me.

  6. Chester Pimming

    So far so good. Love the features of timed use of 2, 8 or more hours. On 8 hours I get almost 3 uses out of a full tank. I also love that it auto-shuts off when there is no water. I must say this operates very quietly as well. About the only thing on the negative side would be that when I used it on the floor, the carpet in front of the machine was a bit damp in the morning. So I would put a towel down under it. Not sure if placing it on a higher object such as a table or nightstand would eliminate this or not

  7. Smith Sofer

    Looks nice and very quiet when running. The mist can be adjusted for more or less mist and it also has a timer for 2, 8 & 12 hour intervals if you want that; but both features are a nice convenience to have, especially the mist control. Seems easy to clean and very simple to operate. Now we will wait and see if it improves my breathing! Seems like a great product especially for the price. These things can get expensive and I was looking for one that was reasonable and had the cool mist and this was both! Very happy so far. 

  8. Sofie Flands

    Easy to set up and has worked perfectly. The timer function makes it really easy. I have been running it almost 24/7 and no signs of slowing down.

  9. Ziggy Flask

    Works great for smaller rooms, liked it so much that bought another one for another room. Only drawback is like many have said, the blue led lighting is a bit too bright, so serves as a night light. It can be distracting so plan on placing the unit away from your sight of vision, esp when sleeping.

  10. Nadia Graham

    Easy to use. Mist is fine but dense and adjustable. No white dust. No leaking. Light is not to bright. Going to purchase another one.

  11. Sophie Lindow

    I used other products they were noisy and water capacity was not sufficient for me, this is quiet and water capacity is sufficient for the long time. Looks nice. I would definitely recommend this product

  12. Diana Rincer

    This unit is a perfect size for the needs of our household. Especially in the dry winter months this humidifier helps maintain a balanced humidity climate, to assist in keeping our sinuses healthy! 

  13. Poppy Luddy

    We have a pellet stove and it gets very dry in the house. This humidifier is very quiet, can put out the mist due to its various settings and the timer is wonderful. Very happy with this purchase and would recommend to everyone.

  14. Bailey Flemming

    I have used this humidifier for about a month. It’s very quiet and easy to use. Some people had commented on the blue light being a little too bright, but I don’t have any problem with it. Overall I am very satisfied with purchase, will buy another one soon.

  15. Belle Womer

    I bought this to replace another humidifier that was getting dirty inside based on reviews that this was easy to clean. Haven’t had to clean it yet, but does seem to be easier to access to clean out to prevent dirt and mold build up. Very quiet operation and doesn’t seem to leave water vapor on the table it’s on

  16. Madame Kind

    This humidifier is just what we needed. We use it in our bedroom and have really seen a change in our breathing. We are not as “stuffy” in the mornings as we have been for a long time. This works very well and is just the right size for our bedroom. (approx 12X20′)

  17. Callie Bermon

    The only humidifier that’s held up over time. We have tried many. More expensive too, but they all seem to die too soon. I use one in the parrots room & just bought one for our bedroom

  18. Roger Speat

    Just loving this humidifier… Water capacity is great… Very stylish

  19. Jake Richards

    This brand seemed to be the most reliable and this model had good reviews. I’ve had it for 3 weeks and I’m very happy with it. The water reservoir holds enough for 2 nights. It lifts off the bottom stand and can be easily refilled. I use filtered water from a reverse osmosis filter system and I’ve seen no evidence of white dust. The light is not bright and the controls are very easy to use. Highly recommend this model.

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