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Pilates Workout Bar

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$49.99 $35.99



Your goal of flat abs and a stronger core is now within reach.

  •  Ultra-portable
  •  Low-impact workout
  •  Many versatile positions
  •  Work out the muscle group of your choice
  •  Easy storage

Get a full-body workout to develop long and lean muscles.

A lightweight construction and portable design makes it easy to be used at home or while traveling.

Low-impact toning protects your bones and joints while still gaining results.

Pilates Workout Bar Great Shape

Additional information

Weight 1.7 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 4.7 × 2.7 in

High grade steel pipe, TPE, EVA Foam for comfort


Blue, Pink, Purple

53 reviews for Pilates Workout Bar

  1. Janie Saunders

    Well built, solid material, compact and versatile. This was an excellent purchase. Thank you!

  2. Francisco Moreno

    I absolutely love this. There’s tons of workouts to do on YouTube with it.

  3. Clinton Garcia

    My daughter and I have been using this since the day we got it. She is in HS and is a runner who needs some strength training. This was perfect for her to use without adding a bunch of weights to her training since she is only 14 years old.

  4. Delia Leonard

    It looks pretty much brand new after months of active use. The tension and the stretch resistance have not changed at all. At least I have not noticed any less resistance from wear.

  5. Sergio Maldonado

    I would recommend this to someone starting out exercising again and to someone who has a little more height than me.

  6. Grady Rivera

    it would be perfect if it was a light pink color instead of red but that’s just me

  7. Jeanette Watts

    I’m really glad I decided to buy. I’m going thru a lifestyle change right now so buying the right equipment needed for that is really important.

  8. Ralph Reese

    super easy to set up and figure out how to use without even reading the instructions manual.

  9. Gustavo Chapman

    I was looking to transition from dumb bell/kettlebell activities back to more yoga/pilates. This bar is great.

  10. Esther Curtis

    Love it! I even got one for my mom.

  11. Christopher Brooks

    there is enough tension that it provides good resistance for me and my struggle.

  12. Cedric Clark

    I like it because it’s challenging, but not so hard that I don’t want to do it again. That said, you can make it harder if you are one of those crazy people and that’s how you roll.

  13. Sylvia Taylor

    Great piece of equipment to add to your home gym.

  14. Carolyn Klein

    This is a good buy. It doesn’t take up any space and you can do a full body workout on it.

  15. Brian Lewis

    I have not exercised in many years due to a neck and back injury so the resistance for me is just right. In my opinion I think it is even good for people who are fit.

  16. Eric Powell

    The bar is well made; it has been very resilient to use and very comfortable.

  17. Jo Reid

    I believe this will be a nice piece to work with

  18. Rafael Quinn

    Great product and well made.

  19. Maria Ballard

    I like the exercise bar and it’s good for me starting out on my journey but at 5’1 I cant get the tension I need with some of the exercises because I’m not tall enough.

  20. Ronald Rios

    I’m over 200 lbs and haven’t worked out in many years so 4 minutes was the best I could do. All in all I believe most people could get a good work out with this bar.

  21. Kent Cox

    There is a vast amount of workouts that you can do with this. I downloaded them and some are challenging! I am working on flexibility right now.

  22. Javier Gomez

    Perfect for my lifestyle. On the go it is great and easy to use. Exercises very effective

  23. Victoria Cannon

    This gift was for my birthday and I just started using it.

  24. Roy Lowe

    my 16 year old son and husband tried it out and while of course it was much easier for them to use, they could see the benefit of using it too.

  25. Brenda Davis

    Overall I like it though and I will keep it because it was a cheap buy.

  26. Ramona Gill

    I love this and was even more surprised by how much I could do with it. Whole body workouts.

  27. Santiago Rodgers

    The foam padding is not only comfortable on your hands but also helps you to know where your hands should be placed.

  28. Nelson Mcgee

    I would recommend buying this product.

  29. Virgil Garrett

    After having two children I did not take care of myself as I should have and lost a ton of my flexibility. I personally prefer the bar workouts vs the non-bar workouts because it gives me something to stretch against rather then me being able to do it myself.

  30. Ross Butler

    As someone who works out regularly I tried doing several exercises with this bar and found the bands didn’t have enough tension challenge me. Even though it wasn’t for me, I would definitely recommend this for someone just starting out on their fitness journey.

  31. Marta Mullins

    I got this for Christmas and love how I can use it at home! I don’t have to go to the gym every time I workout to get a good workout in.

  32. Alberta Harmon

    I really do enjoy it (and I really hate exercising). As others mentioned, there’s tons of videos on YouTube.

  33. Edward Gonzales

    Was looking for an “in my living room” always available work-out item – fit it in when you can – but in a smaller space.

  34. Wendy Mccoy

    I am a beginner and this is perfect for me to use!

  35. Franklin Hudson

    This piece of equipment is pretty well made for the price.

  36. Jeanne Price

    I love that when I’m not using it, it comes apart easily and is small.

  37. Rickey Cohen

    I am new to Pilates and this is just what I needed.

  38. Bridget Casey

    I can do it at home. Love it so far!!

  39. Roosevelt Dawson

    Love this thing! Great workout from such a simple piece of equipment.

  40. Luke Bradley

    Love it

  41. Neal George

    It’s easy to use and easy to adjust the resistance. I’m very tall, 6’1″, so I was worried the bands would be too short, but it is perfect.

  42. Brandon Pittman

    Love this! It’s great for stretching!

  43. Andy Watkins

    Really helps stretch and develop core and overall body strength.

  44. Christina Patton

    I love this bar!!! I haven’t noticed any change in my physical appearance yet, but it feels so good to be active and fit this Pilates routine into my day.

  45. Doug Wilkins

    I’m clumsy and I dropped it. The ends are hard plastic and one end just shattered. Customer service was prompt and polite.

  46. Rosalie Love

    I have been using the workout guide more so I can improve my flexibility a little more. I mostly run, and I have super tight hamstrinsg which makes yoga and pilates hard, but a good thing (I’m hoping I can improve)

  47. Joy Black

    It is a great piece of equipment if you consider yourself a beginner (level) when it come to fitness.

  48. Lena White

    If you are more physically fit then this piece of equipment will not challenge you.

  49. Lamar Walton

    I put it together in a minute and it has a sturdy construction. Love the color too.

  50. Marilyn Manning

    It has been about 4 months since I used this exercise machine for breakfast and dinner. I can see the leg line becoming what it wants. It’s an excellent choice. I’m planning to work harder with my own efforts.

  51. Dwayne Hale

    A well made piece of equipment and I would definitely recommend purchasing for your daily workout routine.

  52. Blake Day

    Perfect for my lifestyle. On the go it is great and easy to use. Exercises very effective.

  53. Mary Barton

    I just picked up this Pilates bar kit for strengthening my core and I absolutely love it.

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