Australian Gold Sunscreen & Bronzer

Australian Gold SPF 15 Sunscreen & Bronzer


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  • Fine Finish Technology provides fast drying mist that is not sticky or tacky
  • Instant natural bronzer provides immediate, golden brown color
  • 360 degree spray provides even, all-over coverage
  • Water/sweat resistant
  • Refreshing formula moisturizes and smoothes skin
  • Retains SPF after 80 minutes of activity in the water or sweating

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34 reviews for Australian Gold SPF 15 Sunscreen & Bronzer

  1. Jill Mckinney

    Hands down my favorite sunscreen lotion! As a very pale girl, it has a hint of bronzer and long lasting coverage. Not too mention it smells amazing and not chemically! It doesn’t get sticky and rubs in easy as well. I highly recommend

  2. Carlton Wilkins

    I have very fair skin that burns easily, and it has been a struggle to find a sunscreen that actually protects my skin. I found Australian Gold at my local grocery store and thought “I’ll try it, it will be like every other sunscreen I’ve bought”. Boy was I wrong, I can put this on and take my girls to the park/splash pad for hours and not burn (re-applying every hour or so, of course). Plus, you can’t beat the smell and the nice little glow you get from the Kona bronzes. Thank you Australian Gold for helping me tan with confidence

  3. Kristy Austin

    I have very sensitive eyes and skin and tend to burn easily! I put this all over my face and body and I did not burn at all it’s fairly priced at about eight dollars you can get this at Walmart and many other drugstore type places! It smells wonderful, it goes on super easy super even and it does not burn my eyes hallelujah a sunscreen that does not burn my eyes or skin and it is super water resistant!

  4. Toni Valdez

    . I use it every day as my moisturizer/spf and the smell is just invigorating. Even if I don’t want to get up to go to work once I smell Australian gold it’s like I’m taken to a Hawaiian island and all is good.

  5. Eunice Kim

    I’ve used Australian Gold for years. When I saw the SPF lotion with bronzers I just couldn’t wait to try it! I usually use the oil, so trying the lotion was different for me. It’s so easy to apply, and the smell is fantastic!! My skin felt so soft and wow my tan was darker! I love Australian Gold for all my tanning needs!

  6. Wilbert Evans

    I like the fact that it doesn’t have a lot of junk for ingredients. It smells wonderful, it’s not greasy, and I feel like I am just putting lotion on. The only thing I will say is a little annoying is the product does come out fast, but once you get use to that it’s fine! I will continue to buy this product!

  7. Lila Butler

    This sunscreen is awesome! It has a really nice fragrance, isn’t greasy, and rubs in without residue, though it will stain white clothing if it’s not rubbed in all the way. I wouldn’t call the “instant bronze” effect very noticeable, but it’s surprisingly hard to find a sunscreen with any kind of shimmer or color that has a decent SPF, so I liked that about it too.

  8. Loren Hamilton

    I think the price is reasonable, it smells amazing, it’s non-greasy, it’s very moisturizing, and it’s effective.

  9. Cesar Griffith

    Been using this ever since a friend brought some to the beach and made me try it. It smells amazing! In and out of the water, it stays effective all day. The instant bronzer is perfect, very subtle, natural, and never leaves you orange or streaky. It just adds a little bit to your natural tan

  10. Tamara Holloway

    The sunscreen smells amazing. It has a fresh scent. It is very creamy and easy to apply. I apply it every 2 hours.

  11. Raymond Schultz

    I love that it doesn’t feel sticky on the skin and it has given me the most beautiful tans when I’ve used it on vacation. This is a must have for me, and I think it should be for everyone else.

  12. Mamie Miller

    I highly highly recommend this product and I got to tell you, it is cruelty free! I will never buy another sunscreen!

  13. Marsha Erickson

    This kills two birds with one stone: a bit of tint on pale parts of your body, but sunscreen protection too.

  14. Lora Quinn

    I recently used this product for the first time the other day and I really enjoyed it! The lotion itself has a great summery scent which I love. It does come out quite quick from the tube so be careful when squeezing the tube. I love that it has an instant bronzer in it as well. Upon using it, I definitely got some color and I was in the sun all day. I noticed that my shoulders did get a bit more sun even though I applied this, so you may have to re-apply depending how long you are in the sun. I definitely recommend this product!

  15. Lori Wilson

    I do burn easily so I am careful to reapply often especially after swimming. Careful it will stain clothes and towels right after applying. Love the sent!!

  16. Simon Cannon

    The cream feels pleasant and cool going on. The scent is nice, especially for a self-tanning product.

  17. Ivan Stephens

    I have medium tan skin and this gives a nice shimmer glow but it does not deepen my color at all, which works for me. I love this sunscreen, the ingredients, the smell, the texture, everything about it!

  18. Anthony Martin

    I got the worst sunburn of my life a few weeks ago, so it was time to get sunscreen. I didn’t want just a regular sunscreen because of my very noticable burn marks. I wanted something that would still protect me but at the same time give me a little color/tan over time. This stuff works!

  19. Armando Norton

    So happy i purchased this sun tan lotion. It smells good and doesnt feel greasy or thick. I love it. Thanks Australian Gold!!!

  20. Clay Knight

    My favorite sunscreen!! It smells delicious I could eat it! It doesn’t irritate my skin at all, I’ve even put it on my face. It also has some bronzer in it which makes me look even tanner 😉

  21. Erik Stanley

    Love the formula of this sunscreen lotion, it is so moisturizing and goes on so smoothly. I feel like I am applying a body butter the way it just glides on the skin.

  22. Winston Duncan

    I always purchase Australian Gold sunscreen when I go to the beach and on our boat. It has a wonderful smell and it covers very smoothly! This is the only sunscreen product that I purchase. The bronzers help give you an all-over even tan. It is also reasonably priced. I highly recommend it!

  23. Rene Harrison

    Overall, highly recommend.

  24. Sammy Garner

    I love the sun and I am always on the beach or at a pool. I have fair skin and am very aware of what the sun can do to your skin. That’s why the ONLY tanning products that I use are Australian Gold – BECAUSE they all contain not only sun protetion but a bronzer as well.

  25. Harriet Benson

    I would give this 2 thumbs up and would urge everyone to go out and find it. I feel like I glow when I put it on.

  26. Arturo Fox

    I love this sunscreen. I used it all throughout my beach vacation and I got a great, even tan while protecting my skin.

  27. Kent Smith

    This sunscreen is easy to apply and has a great smell. It is not greasy and does not feel like plastic. It blends into the skin well. It is not the type of bronzer that comes off on your clothes.

  28. Tabitha Wallace

    I have been using this sun product for many years when outside. I love how it makes my skin feel and look with the bronzer. I have extremely sensitive skin and have found other brands burn my skin with sunscreen. However this item is amazing!

  29. Tomas Mason

    Love the feel on my skin, love the smell and most importantly it protect my skin and give me a beautiful tan. My adult kids do not like to use sunscreen lotion because many sunscreen gave them skin reaction.

  30. Tommy Murray

    This is absolutely my favorite tanning lotion in the whole wide world

  31. Nancy Figueroa

    There isn’t much tint to this product, which I like. It looks nice and natural, like a barely there tan. Very nice for wearing sleeveless dresses to afternoon occasions. I will buy again.

  32. Jeanne Mitchell

    My skin is very dry, so I always go with products with extra moisture. This sunscreen is very effective, good price, leaves a nice feeling of softness on my skin while protects from the sun. And the smell is AMAZING!

  33. Eva Potter

    You just rub on the lotion before or after you get dressed for the day. Made my skin softer than it was, give a good natural color and shine. I also never got burned when I used the product. So I will contunue to use this product for a very long time !!

  34. Jessie Medina

    Love it. Not only does it protect my skin from the harmful sun rays but looks and feels sunkissed. Not a better product to be found

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