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Vivitar Digital Sparkle Scale

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$59.98 $45.00

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Add a bit of glitter glam to your fitness routine with the Vivitar Glitter Bathroom Scale. The Vivitar Glitter Bathroom Scale comes in variety of vibrant hues and features a glittery tempered finish to spiral your mind back to fitness mode! The durable platform is able to weigh up to 400 pounds. Its innovative step on technology and high-precision sensors provide precision readers instantly on its jumbo-sized 2.6 LCD display.

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Weight 5 lbs

9 reviews for Vivitar Digital Sparkle Scale

  1. Larry Vasquez

    I like this scale a lot. Easy to read accurate, and consistent. Very glad that I got them.

  2. Ross Butler

    This scale is great–exactly matches the scale at my diet center which is calibrated weekly to be accurate.

  3. Jennie Perry

    I’m glad I bought two – one for up stairs and one for down!

  4. Herman Baker

    It actually has sparkles/glitter in the color!! Extra surprise and I loved it!

  5. Jerry Nguyen

    I think it’s accurate as the Dr. scale and it match within .1 lb.

  6. Terri Moore

    Simple and easy to use!

  7. Claudia Summers

    Works very well. At least I get the same weight if I step on it two times in a row.

  8. Calvin Wong

    Matches my doctor’s beam balance scale within about a half pound. Pretty good I think

  9. Mabel Harris

    love the color – matches my lilac bathroom

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